What's so great about alpaca fleece?

Chris Nelson

Posted on February 10 2018

Alpaca is the softest, warmest fiber known to man.

Seriously, there's nothing better.

Alpacas originate from Peru, where their fleece was strictly reserved for royalty. It is softer than cashmere, warmer than wool, has the luster of silk, and it doesn't itch. It doesn't contain lanolin, so you can't be allergic to alpaca fiber, either.

When inspecting a piece of alpaca fiber underneath a microscope, it's completely smooth. In contrast, a piece of wool has small barbs that cause irritation. This is why most people who are sensitive to wool can wear alpaca without itching.

So why else is alpaca fiber amazing?

  • Each fiber is filled with hollow pockets of air, making it extremely lightweight
  • The hollow pockets of air allow it to have approximately three times the insulating capacity of wool
  • It's extremely strong. In Peru alpaca fiber has been turned into rope and used to bind bridges. Alpaca garments can last for generations!
  • Stain resistant and breathable
  • Wicks away body moisture and odors, flame resistant, naturally windproof
  • Comes in 23 natural colors
Alpacas are extremely unique and beautiful animals, and their fleece is incredible.

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